This is my entry for miniLD74!


Also submitted to Alakajam:


This is the intro level to an untitled game I made for miniLD74.

I made this between calls at work, so it's not as fleshed out as I wanted it to be. I think the gameplay is fun and it "feels good." Unfortunately, I couldn't do any sound at work :(

I focused a lot on making the controls feel good and tried for a different spin on platforming than I've not seen before.

Please tell me what you think!


Magnet_Game_Win32.exe 15 MB
Download 18 MB
Magnet_Game_Linux32 26 MB

Development log


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If anyone tried to download the Windows build shortly after posting, I discovered an issue which caused the game to not launch. If this happened for you, please try it again. Also, I have the browser build up on the page.